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Welcome to Puerto Escondido. ( The Hidden Port )


Puerto Escondido is located in one of the 720 Municipality of Oaxaca call San Pedro Mixtepec, in the coastal region of the state of Oaxaca. The English translation for Puerto Escondido is The Hidden Port. Puerto is a national and international tourist destination. Each of the seven beaches surrounding Puerto offers such a variety from sport fishing on La Playa Principal, Snorkeling and swimming at Playa Carrizalillo, and of cours Playa Zicatela for world class surfing. 

Restaurants and Night Life


Beaches and More



Here are three options when traveling to Puerto. First is to fly into Puerto airport by way of Mexico City. Depending on the day and your layover time in Mexico City  could be 3 to 8 hours. Some people have chosen to stay the night in Mexico City and will fly out the next morning on Viva Aerobus. Here is the web site. Option two is to fly into Oaxaca and spend the night flying out the next morning with Aero Tucan or there are others airlines like Varias, Interjet and Aeromexico The third and last way to get to Puerto is to fly into Huatulco usually arriving in Huatulco around 2:00PM or 4:00PM. From Huatulco it is a 2 hour drive into Puerto. I do not recommend when flying into Oaxaca City to take a bus to Puerto. This bus ride is about 7 hours and it is a very windy road through the beautiful Sierra Madres. The drive from Puerto Escondido airport to Playas Hotel is about 10 minutes. Buses are available intown from 6:00am until 9:00PM along with colectivos and Taxis that run 24 / 7 and cost from 25 to 35 MXP for most locations in town. 

If you have come to Puerto Escondido to surf, swim, sunbathe or just laze about. The white sand beaches in Puerto Escondido are great for all three pastimes, at any time of the year.


Puerto’s most famous beach is Zicatela, known as the Mexican Pipeline, one of the world’s top 5 surfing destinations in the world, Zicatela is the scene of many international tournaments.


The other beaches of Puerto Escondido are better for swimming: Zicatela’s surf break can be dangerous for the uninitiated. Between Zicatela and the lighthouse are Playa Marinero and Playa Principal, also home to the town’s fishing fleet.


Heading west you’ll find Playa Manzanillo, which is accessible from Calle 5a Sur, and Playa Angelito, across the bay from Manzanillo and accessed by Camino a Puerto Angelito. It’s a bit of a hike down to Playa Carrizalillo (and a much longer one back up the steps) but the effort is worth it. This lovely beach is also a 

popular spot for novice surfers  and swimming.

all beaches in Puerto Escondido offer palapa restaurants-bars where you can sip on your favorite drink and eat fresh seafood under the shade of an umbrella while sitting in a lounge chair, great for napping.

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